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The Sharkiteuthis character and logo, and Zombie Apocalypse Diver
Logo and Program are trademarks of the Sharkiteuthis Diving Co. LLC.
Sharkiteuthis Diving Co. T-shirts are in stock!
T-shirts are $25.00 shipping included.
Bracelets are $2.50 shipping included.
Charcoal T-Shirt $25.00
Available S-3XL
The official Sharkiteuthis Diving Co.
T-shirt features our logo sewed in to
the front of the shirt and a separate
dive flag stitched on the left sleeve.  
Both logos have a frayed edge for a
classic look.  They are pre-shrunk
and pre-washed and run true to size.
All our products are tested on animals.  They don't fit.

Tested be bite resistant, the
Zombie Apocalypse Diver T-Shirt
will protect you from all the
unwanted undead.
Made from a special synthetic material which
emanates an odor undetectable by the living, yet
repulsive to the undead; the official Zombie
Apocalypse Diver bracelet is a great way to repel
wave after wave of Zombies