About Us

The Sharkiteuthis Diving Co. was founded in 2009 as a way to bring safe,
high-energy SCUBA instruction to you.  We are proud to be a family-owned
small business.  We're located in central Connecticut (Newyorkachussetts,)   
Classes are running all the time.  From entry-level courses to professional
ratings we offer it all.  Our instructional staff are all certified in first-aid, CPR,
and oxygen administration.  We have all undergone thorough background
investigations and youth protection training to ensure you and your family,
and your children can  have a safe and worry-free experience.

WHAT'S A SHARKITEUTHIS(Shark-ih-toothiss)?

It's a play on words.  We just made a hybrid of two incredible animals:  The
shark and the squid.  The scientific name for the Giant Squid is Architeuthis.  
We added the word shark to the front of architeuthis to get Sharkiteuthis.  
The logo was an original idea that was brought to life by a good friend Kelly
Green.  The rest is history.  
Our Staff:

I have been diving since my sophomore year in college.  I was originally
certified by Aqua-Ventures Dive Center in Hudson, New Hampshire.  After
completing my Open Water course, I quickly progressed to Advanced Open
water, Rescue Diver, then Divemaster.  Throughout my training I was able to
become a certified diver in the following disciplines:  Search and Recovery,
Dry Suit, Underwater Navigation, Enriched Air (Nitrox,) and Equipment

Upon graduating college(film student,) I took a job in central Connecticut.
While in Connecticut, I joined the Gillmen Dive Club and the Innerspace
Explorers dive club.  I serve on both executive boards and consider myself an
active member of both clubs.

Since living in Connecticut, I have expanded my horizons into the diving world
by taking courses in Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures.

I eventually discovered the appeal of diving for stuff.   I found this little
community in the diving world of fossil divers (not old people, actual fossils.)  
I travelled up and down the eastern seaboard scouring the bottoms of rivers,
creeks, and the Atlantic Ocean in search of the teeth left by the Charcarocles
Megalodon.  I actually own one of the largest ever found!  Ask me nicely and
I'll show you a photo.

As time passed, I became an active member of the dive community.  I have
had articles and photographs published in magazines.  I am a regular staple
at the Boston Sea Rovers and Beneath the Sea SCUBA Shows and have
presented at both of them as well as the following groups:
  • The SCUBA Sports Club in NY
  • The Metrowest Dive Club in MA
  • Ocean Pals
  • Underwater Explorers Society on Grand Bahama Island
  • A plethora of local schools, dive clubs and public service groups.

In October of 2007 I underwent PADI's Instructor Development Course.  
Upon completion of the course, I accelerated to the rating of Master Scuba
Diver Trainer.

In 2012, I was honored to be inducted into the Boston Sea Rovers as a full
fledged member.

Over the past few years, I have been flown in by the amazing Underwater
Explorers Society in Freeport, Grand Bahama to be a guest instructor when
they host Kids Sea Camp.  

I routinely work with Kids Sea Camp and travel with Margo and her family to
islands like:  Bonaire, Utila, Roatan, The Bahamas, Palau, Grand Cayman, etc.
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