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The Sharkiteuthis Diving Co. is proud to support the
following agencies who support Marine Conservation
and Diver Education.
The Sharkiteuthis Diving Co. could not be more supportive of The Triton Society!  This organization gives young men and
women the opportunity to have their hard work and dedication to SCUBA diving and ocean conservation recognized.  Divers
can be awarded  a patch and three distinguished medals.  Every young diver who takes courses from the Sharkiteuthis
Diving Co. will be mentored and strongly encouraged to pursue their own medal and have their achievements recognized by
the Society.

Below are examples of the awards divers can receive.
The third oldest dive club in the world meets the last Thursday of every month at the Marco Polo Restaurant in East
Hartford, Connecticut.  The Gillmen have a deep history and tradition which is rooted in diving.  Today they continue
to explore the unexplored and leave their mark on the SCUBA world.