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Alternate Light Source Diver
that cause objects and animals to appear to glow, we offer a course in the
understanding and applications of using alternate wavelengths of light

Fluorescence occurs when you apply a specific wavelength of light to an
object.  The object absorbs the light and reflects back an alternate wavelength.
The new wavelength appears bright, rich, and beautiful.

In this course, divers will learn:
  • What is fluorescence?
  • What is the electromagnetic spectrum?
  • What causes fluorescence?
  • What is an excitation wavelength?
  • Equipment for Alternate Light Source Diving.
  • What is a barrier filter?
  • What elements fluoresce?
  • What animals fluoresce?
  • The differences between fluorescence, fluorescent light,
    phosphorescence, and bioluminescence.
  • Fluorescent photography

Upon completion of the course, student divers will receive the Alternate Light
Source Distinctive Specialty Certification.
view the effects of an alternate
light source on sealife